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Batter with a red jersey in position ready to hit the baseball

Evaluation of key metrics is the first step in the recruiting process. There are five essential elements that all college coaches look for in potential players. 1Top Prospect will evaluate each player just as a college coach would evaluate a "recruit" (potential college player). During the evaluation process, 1Top Prospect will cover each of the elements just as a coach reviews when determining if a player would be a good fit for their program.


Please Note... The evaluation process is ONLY a starting point and

ONLY reflects the players abilities at that present time.

The results can be improved upon through hard work. If a player chooses to achieve better results in order to leverage their skills during the recruiting process, 1Top Prospect can help the player set goals and put a program together in order to better develop the specific elements that will ultimately set them ahead of the competition in recruiting.

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