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Every year the recruiting process is getting more difficult. The NCAA / NAIA / NJCAA baseball recruiting rules regulate the way college coaches can recruit athletes. It’s up to the coach to follow these recruiting rules, and it’s up to the family to familiarize themselves with the rules so they know what to expect throughout the process. For example, recruits want to avoid planning their campus visits during a dead period, as the coach will not be able to meet nor communicate with them during that time. For most people, recruiting may seem like a full-time job.


There are dozens of people to communicate with, events to attend, and deadlines to meet—all while juggling the everyday rigors of life. The college baseball recruiting process is just that..."a process". More than 500,000 student-athletes play high school baseball, and less than two percent will go on to play college baseball at the Division 1 level. No matter if you're just starting the recruiting process or you have been active in pursuing a scholarship, 1Top Prospect can save families a lot of time, money, frustration, and disappointment.

1Top Prospect has a proven track record of moving high school players into college baseball programs. With a recruiting coach assisting in the entire process, players will have the comfort of knowing the player is on the right track to maximizing their chances of playing college baseball. Depending on package picked, our professional personal recruiting coaches will evaluate the players baseball ability plus their academic portfolio. Together as a team, the recruiting coach will help the families develop an exposure plan, give guidance on interacting with college coaches, and assist with weighing the options of offers.  





  • Roughly 2  hours long evaluation session. (30 minutes of fielding/hitting plus 15 minutes reviewing results & metrics. Balance of time creating a personalized roadmap & marketing plan.


  • Includes expert 1-on-1 guidance with 1Top Prospect's Recruiting Coach to plan out roadmap and review marketing plan to help maximize your recruiting opportunities.

  • Player will be added to 1Top Prospect's "Roster Profile" on "FieldLevel" to kickstart the players recruiting exposure.  

We provide your family with a personalized recruiting assessment plus a roadmap with tools to move forward with recruiting.




  • Roughly a 45 minute long evaluation session. (30 minutes of fielding/hitting plus 15 minutes reviewing the results & metrics.)

  • Player will be added to 1Top Prospect's "Roster Profile" on "FieldLevel" to kickstart the players recruiting exposure.


We provide your family a personalized recruiting assessment to know exactly where your player stands.

* DREAM * 



  • 1Top Prospect will provide complete 1-on-1 guidance and support athletically & academically during the entire recruiting process.

  • Connect college coaches to the player and maximize the families recruiting and scholarship goals.

  • Aid in developing your target list and create a exposure plan.

  • Give guidance on communicating with college coaches.

  • Set up college visits (prep the player before attending).

  • College application and essay support.

  • FAFSA Application Guidance (Federal Student Aid)

  • NCAA/NAIA Clearing House/Eligibility Support.

  • High School Transcript Guidance.

  • Mentor the student-athlete with goals and grades.

  • Give tools & support when deciding which offer to accept. 

From hire to signing with a college, 1Top Prospect takes a personal approach and is there each step of the way, on the recruiting journey.


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